Nalo Hopkinson


Nalo Hopkinson (b. 1960) is an award-winning Jamaican-Canadian speculative fiction writer. She has written six novels and contributed to several short fiction anthologies. Brown Girl in the Ring (1998) is her first novel.

Set in futuristic, dystopian Toronto where riots had turned the city into a slum, Brown Girl in the Ring follows the story of Ti-Jeanne who is a single new mother. Ti-Jeanne moves in with her grandmother, Gros-Jeanne, for help raising her infant son. Ti-Jeanne grapples with understanding the mysticism and spiritual ways of her grandmother. Ti-Jeanne must accept her own power in order to overcome her struggles and come to terms with her ancestry in order to face her future.

Brown Girl in the Ring, a blend of sci-fi, horror, and magical realism, fits in with Afrofuturism as it features African cultural beliefs in tandem with a feminist viewpoint.